Autumn scents

It’s October and I’m literally walking around smelling like a big chai latte and I love it. I’m cold and don’t like the days getting darker but the smells, the cosy clothes and the dark makeup I’m here for. I like warm, heavy smells and I think autumn is the perfect time for those types of scents. Below are a few of  my favourite  products I’ve been using in the colder months.

Bloomtown the cafe body wash – Bloomtown Is a skincare company that I found online. They are cruelty free and palm oil free. On their website they explain about why they are palm oil free and the effort they put into their products which is always nice to see a brand really caring about how they make their products. The body wash comes in the loveliest glass bottle which when I’m done with I want to try re use. The smell is a mix of coffee, hazelnut and vanilla which all give the “cafe” vibes. It’s such a cosy smell and lingers on the skin nicely. I was worried that this would dry my skin as I’m not a big fan of the way soap feels on the skin but this didn’t have that sticky feeling!

Korres vanilla cinnamon body moisturiser- Korres is a brand I’ve heard my favourite YouTuber Rhiannon HY (wife life) talking about and was pleasantly surprised to see them in the UK in Marks and Spencer’s/Debenhams. I picked up the vanilla cinnamon scent body wash as I thought It would pair nicely with the bloomtown body wash and I was right. They go so well together. Cosy chai latte loveliness. This leaves the skin really soft which is perfect when my skin gets drier in the colder months.

Eden no.464 perfume- If you haven’t heard of Eden perfumes before stop right there go back through my blogs/instagram posts/the whole vegan beauty community  and see what the hype is about. Their perfumes are amazing and so affordable. I’ve literally just got this one and I’m already thinking of the next one I’m going to buy.  I wanted something quite strong for the autumn. No.464 is a unisex fragrance but more on the feminine side. It has a strong smell of roses to it mixed with patchouli and vanilla. Overall it smells very expensive and I love it, I feel  very sophisticated and glam when I wear it. I was wearing a lighter citrus smell in the summer so I’m happy to be back to wearing a stronger more lux fragrance for the autumn.

Hope everyone is enjoying the colder months.

Ashley xx



Autumn Lipsticks

I love a good lipstick. Especially when the leaves are orange and falling. I love having a bit more colour in my looks when the weather is colder. I think it helps to distract from my skin which can get quite dry and tired in the winter. I usually go for a matte lipstick in Autumn and a gloss In the summer. Matte colours are usually more pigmented and bold. Listed below are my top 4 I’ve been reaching for.

100% pure Semi matte lipstick in Blood orange- This is by far my favourite off the four. The formula is beautiful, it’s fairly matte and not drying at all on the lips, nothing worse than cracked lips. This lipstick also lasts so long I can apply before work and not have to worry about fading or smudging throughout the day. The colour is a deep red but is light enough to brighten the face. Dying to try some other colours from this range.

Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Lolita 2 – I know Lolita is a very popular but for me it’s too cool toned and washes my complexion out. This has more of a warm peachy tone which suits me better. Because of the matte finish and depth to the colour I didn’t reach for this in the summer but have found myself picking it up now in the Autumn. I’am very fussy with liquid lipsticks but these liquid lipsticks are comfortable and don’t dry out my lips.

Anastasia Beverly hills in Ashton – I had seen this shade on so many people on Instagram/youtube and it looked beautiful on them. Ashton is a brown toned lipstick and I thought it would look absolutely terrible on me. However, after seeing one to many gorgeous girls looking fab in this lipstick I finally decided to buy it. I applied a thin layer of this to start with and was surprised to find it actually looked okay! It has hint of red to it so doesn’t wash out the face too much. The only sad thing is I really don’t like the ABH liquid lipsticks. For me they are very drying and can settle into any lines on my lips. I find applying a thin layer and adding a little gloss or balm in the middle is the best way to avoid the dry feeling.

NYX soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen – I love the NYX soft matte lip creams they don’t dry out and last a nice amount of time. This colour is nice and vampy on me but not to dark. However, I don’t think I will re purchase this as NYX can’t confirm any of their products are vegan. They are also owned by a parent company who test on animals even though they have always been cruelty free themselves. When I first started using cruelty free products I never paid attention to the ingredients or the parent company’s but have started to take that into consideration when purchasing things now.


Ashley xx

Go to Autumn Make-up

Its darker in the mornings and I’m rummaging around my wardrobe for scarfs. I really fancy anything pumpkin flavoured and burgundy is my new favourite colour. It’s officially Autumn. Although I hate the temperature drop, I love Autumn trends and make-up. I am done with no make-up, make-up looks, gold eyeshadow and glossy lips and I am ready for full coverage foundations a bold statement lip and lashes.

Hourglass Vanish stick foundation is my go to foundation for more coverage. It leaves the skin completely flawless but doesn’t look or feel heavy and has a nice natural skin like finish. Not too matte, not too dewy. I’ve never been a fan of a matte complexion but in the colder months I do like something a bit fuller and more velvet like than the dewy tinted moisturisers I tend to wear in summer.  The best way to apply this foundation is on hydrated skin with a buffing brush, to get the product to blend easily I find warming it up first on the back of my hand the best trick!

To finish of an Autumnal complexion, you can’t go wrong with a stronger blush. I will never go out without bronzer but keeping the bronzer subtle and adding more of a pop to the cheeks, I think looks really flattering when its cold outside and gives your skin a fresh look like you’ve been out in the chilly air. Elf blusher pallets have really great plum berry tones in them which will tie in nicely with a berry lip.

All year round I wear Charlotte Tilbury’s dolce vita pallet. It’s fabulous in summer with the warm bronzy shades but I also think the warm tones work nicely with the colours I use in my make-up for Autumn. To take this pallete from summer to autumn I use the rich rusty enhance shade all over my lid and darken it with the smoke shade. To complete an autumn eye look I love to load up the mascara and usually apply false lashes. I’ve been loving Lily lolo mascara recently its formula is nice and dry making it easy to build and doesn’t weigh your eyelashes down.

Finally a go to Autumn makeup look is not complete without a statement lip. I love the confidence a bold lip gives me. My makeup can be so plain but when I have a strong lipstick on I feel more sassy and fabulous. I have had the 100% pure semi matte lipstick in blood orange for a while now, Its quite a bright colour but definitely deeper than your classic reds. The lipstick isn’t drying and is not too matte (doesn’t settle into the creases of your lips) but stays on really well. I really want to purchase more shades from this collection. Iv been thinking about getting the shade sandstone.

I hope everyone is enjoying pulling out their cosy jumpers and berry lipsticks as much as I am.

Ashley xx

Vegan Kind Beauty Box Review


So this is my second beauty box from the vegan kind and I am so happy I decided to get the beauty box subscription. Whenever I see the lifestyle box being posted it looks amazing and I am always jealous so I’m seriously considering getting both! If you don’t know what the vegan kind is or anything about the subscription boxes I have explained them more in my last review a few months ago!


Chirp body hair mask – This was the first product I used in the box, it’s a lovely hydrating mask made up of natural oils. You apply to dry hair relax for half an hour and then wash out as normal. Make sure when you are applying this you’re in the bathroom or have a towel nearby. I stupidly started applying this in my room and didn’t realise how runny it would be and got it everywhere. When I washed this out I felt my hair could have went without conditioner as it was feeling really soft already, I applied a little conditioner anyway just as I have so much hair it helps if its soft when I brush it through.  Once my hair was dry it was hydrated and shiny and was so easy to style afterward. I usually use coconut oil as a hair mask but I feel like this was a lot easier to wash out and lighter in my hair!


Figs and Rouge face and body cream – This has been one of my go to products lately as it works for both the face and body its really handy to have in your soap bag. This cut down space in my holiday bag as I didn’t need to take two separate moisturisers for face and body. It has a nice subtle smell to it but nothing too strong which is nice when putting it on the face. This also has hyaluronic acid in it which I believe keeps the skin plump and hydrated, this would be great for people with dry skin.


Zerreau towel of body wash – I wasn’t a massive fan of their towel off shampoo which I got in the last box but I gave it to my mum and she really liked it! This body wash was great when I was on holiday and got hot in the heat and just wanted to quickly freshen up before dinner. Just apply to areas where you want a little freshness and towel off. I think this would be fab if you went to the gym and also would be ideal for festivals!


Faith in nature Shampoo – This shampoo smells lovely and coconutty one of my favourite scents. I found this really moisturising in my hair, would be amazing to try if you had dry hair. Faith in nature products are pretty easy to get in the UK as I’m sure they are sold in Holland and Barret.


Tisserand Happy roller ball– I have used Tisserand deodorant before, it had a lovely rose smell to it. I was excited to see one of their products in the beauty box. I have never used a roller ball before but have seen lots of good things about them, this had an amazing citrussy smell and complemented the eden perfume no.17 I have been wearing. I do think the scent brightened my mood and made me happy whenever I applied!


Eden Daisy 309 perfume – Eden is a cruelty free vegan perfume brand based in Brighton. I first saw their products at vegan festival at the end of last year and ever since discovering them I have been beyond obsessed. If you’re going to take the step to only buy cruelty free products start with Eden perfumes they have lots of scents similar to big brand perfumes but for half the price.  The sample size in the box is like Marc Jacobs Daisy, its a very light floral woody smell. I don’t think anyone wouldn’t like the smell as it’s not too over powering. I was so happy to get this in my box and definitely recommend checking the brand out!

Ashley xx

5 tips|Eating Vegan Abroad

Before going vegan one of my main concerns was what it would be like to eat out in a different country. I am so fortunate living in not only the UK where being vegan is pretty much mainstream with so many meat and dairy alternatives being sold in stores but also to live in Glasgow. Glasgow has many fully vegan restaurants in several different parts of the city. Many restaurants that sell meat also have separate fully vegan menus as well so the choice to eat out is endless for me. In other countries though I know it can be difficult as being vegan is not so mainstream. However, since going vegan I have now been abroad three times and not had much problems. Here are my best tips for eating abroad!

1|Download The Happy Cow app

Whether it’s to find some where to eat out locally or abroad The Happy Cow app is going to be your best friend. The app contains lists of vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurants and shops in over 180 countries! you can either chose to see everything nearby or type in a specific area. This makes it great to plan your trip as you can see everything that caters for vegans before you even go on holiday. I have found so many great fully vegan restaurants through app and read great reviews of places making it so easy to plan where to eat.

2|Book an Apartment

Booking an apartment rather than a hotel room is definitely something I will be doing on most holidays from now on. It’s usually not any more expensive (can end up being cheaper) as you are not pre-paying for any food. An apartment usually looks like a basic hotel room just with an added kitchen. On my last two holidays, this has been so helpful as I have been able to have fresh fruit for breakfast or cereal (if almond milk is available) and then make my own dinners if the choice isn’t great around us. Making your own dinners can save your spending money as well.

3|Know your Cuisine

Knowing different types of cuisine definitley helps when eating vegan out. I have found that I can usually get a decent meal out if we eat at an Indian restaurant or a Japanese restaurant as both usually have vegan main meals or sides. Mediterranean and Mexican are also usually good for meat and dairy free meals if you ask for things without cheese!

4 and 5

I have added these tips together as they are quite similar, tip number 4 would be to email/contact places and tip number 5 is to plan ahead. So many people have the misconception that being vegan is difficult and it’s really not it just takes a little bit of forward thinking and you are sorted. Before you go on holiday have a look at your happy cow app or the internet and see what restaurants come up with vegan options or which restaurants near you have meals that can be easily adapted to be vegan. If a restaurant has a dish that is all vegan except maybe for the added cheese then before you go get in contact with the restaurant and they will usually accommodate you.


Using these 5 tips has taken away any worry of eating out abroad and helped when eating locally too.

Hopefully if your reading this it helps you too!


Ashley x

Sun Protection |Cruelty-free|Mineral

I have naturally dark hair and sallow skin you would think I would tan just by looking at the sun but that’s not quite the case. I’ve never really had a natural tan, I’ve caught the sun a little on my shoulders, hips and tops of my feet before but that’s honestly been the extent of my natural tan. This year I wanted to change that, this year I was going to get a full deep body tan. I was determined. I was going on holiday in May and I had visions of my fake tan free, golden skin in the sun. Before my holiday I started using sun beds, it did give me a little colour before going on holiday but I defiantly think it over exposed my skin to uv rays. On the first day of my holiday my determination to carry on getting that glow was strong.  I lay out with no sun protection in the mid-day heat for hours. I came home with a red face and thought nothing of it. Until over the course of my holiday my face, particularly my forehead began to swell, on the last day it was so bad one of my eyes had swelled shut.  This was my first experience of proper sun burn and has defiantly made me wise up on the damaging effects of the sun and UV rays.


In a little over a weeks’ time I’m jetting off again to sunnier, hotter weather and I have become very conscious of protecting my skin. The first step I am taking in my sun protection mission is simple, I have bought a hat. My hair as I said before is naturally really dark and acts as its own sun trap. On holiday, my head is always roasting so I don’t know why I’ve never thought about getting a hat before. I got a nice simple straw fedora style hat, the material will be nice and light and the brim of the hat will hopefully keep my face sheltered from the sun.


The second step I’ve taken to keep my skin protected is sun screen. I’ve always had mixed feelings about sun screen. Years ago, somebody said to me that sunscreen is bad for you and that has always stuck in my head so I decided to have a look into sunscreen.  There are two different types of sunscreen Chemical sunscreen and mineral sunscreen. Let’s first talk about the chemical option. Chemical sunscreen works by the chemicals being absorbed into your skin. They include a lot of chemical ingredients such as avobenzone, oxybenzone and octocrylene. For me I feel a bit odd about that all being absorbed into my skin and have read a few articles about the dangers of these chemicals in the skin being linked to risks of cancers etc.


The second option is mineral sunscreen, this works by acting as a mirror and reflects the sun rays of your skin. The main ingredients in this are usually Zinc oxcide and titanium dioxide. Generally, because these ingredients are more natural they are going to be gentler on the skin better for sensitive skin etc and the way they work appeals to me more by acting as a reflection rather than being absorbed by the skin.

After the research, I’ve done and the number of different articles I’ve read I decided to go for a mineral sunscreen. Of course, it had to be cruelty free so instead of searching through the high st I decided to go online to buy. I have been scrolling through naturisimo for around a year now it has lots of brands from all things beauty to clothes and nutrion. All cruelty free and many natural and vegan options too. I came across Jason mineral sunscreen spf 30. I bought Jason sunscreen last year the chemical option as I wasn’t aware of the differences. This has no smell and doesn’t have a sticky feel to it! Hopefully I can get some sort of colour on holiday but still stay protected! defiantly won’t be lying out for hours again. Lesson has been learned!

Why I use Synthetic Brushes

The tools you apply your make up with are equally as important as the quality of product you use. We all have that favourite brush that never fails to blend or create the perfect flick for your eyeliner. Makeup brushes typically come in two different types of bristles, natural bristle haired brushes and synthetic brushes. So what is the difference between natural bristle brushes to synthetic bristle brushes?

Natural bristles are made with animal hair typically from squirrels, minks and horses. Natural haired brushes have their pros, there usually very soft and great for application of powders and blending. There are quite a few cruelty free company’s such as bare minerals and too faced that have natural bristle brushes in their collection. So, is using animal brushes from cruelty free company’s okay?  Over the past few years mink lashes have risen in popularity and many brands have claimed no minks are hurt in the process. Minks are naturally not tame animals and the same can be said for squirrels. The amount of demand for these mink lashes and animal brushes is massive therefor trying to get the fur of millions of naturally un tame animals is not going to be an easy job and we can probably rule out that no cruelty is involved.  So even if the brand themselves don’t test and do try to get the fur from a good source it’s a massive probability that cruelty to the mink/squirrel was involved. No matter how soft a brush is I don’t think the risk of harming animals is worth it. I view animal hair in brushes the exact same way I view using it for clothes. Its just unnecessary. There are other cons for natural bristle brushes, they are usually more expensive and if they are cheaper their probably not going to be the best quality. Over time natural bristles can lose their shape from washing etc which is not great if its for a specific use like contouring etc.


Synthetic brushes are made from man made materials. There are many pros of using synthetic brushes. Makeup is everywhere right now and everyone is a makeup artist, youtube and Instagram have opened the door to millions of brands, products and tips and tricks for applying everything, meaning lots of brands have had to up their game to deal with all the competition.  This has resulted in lots of great brands coming out with quality synthetic brushes, spectrum, real techniques and Zoeva to name a few. All my synthetic brushes work just as well any natural bristle brushes I have owned. All the brushes I have owned from these brands are super soft and great with powders and liquids. Real technique brushes are all synthetic and the easiest to access in the UK being sold in pretty much all boots and superdrugs. Synthetic brushes are usually more affordable as well being a student this is a massive plus for me! I also find that when I wash my synthetic brushes they stay in great shape. I am always going to buy synthetic brushes now over natural bristles as the quality of them now is so great and the price is usually better.


My Sythenic makeup brush recommendations –

For professionals – Zoeva are fantastic quality and were recommended to my fashion makeup class at the start of the year as the brushes to buy for the quality and price. Zoeva is what I use in my kit and you can get great core collections at a reasonable price. They also come in nice plain colours which I like to use in my kit as I think it looks more professional.


For personal use – Specturm brushes are fantastic quality you can get great core collections as well for a great price but they also come in crazy and beautiful colours. I have the original mermaid brushes and they look gorgeous on the top of my drawers!


For beginners – Nanshy brushes have an amazing set for around £50 it comes with pretty much most brushes you will need and I find them really easy to use there maybe not as soft as zoeva and spectrum but the shape of all their brushes are great making them easy to apply product with.

Summer Scents

I love when you smell something and it instantly takes you back to a memory. Like when you step out of an airport and there is that familiar smell of being on holiday. The way things smell has always been important to me, I always like to have my perfume smelling of the season we are in as well as my body wash and candles. I love wearing light florally fragrances in the spring and when it gets colder wearing something more musky and rich. One of my favourite things at Christmas is getting Christmas yankee candles! This summer I have some body products, perfume and candles that I have loved and have really got me in the summer spirit.


I bought a candle from Harpers Candles after seeing them in a recent Vegan kind lifestyle box. I decided to go for the scent “A slice of Paradise” which is a mix of coconut and mango. The smell is subtle, not too over powering it has a really warm coconut smell and reminds me of sunscreen. I really like how the candle had two wicks, it helped it to burn better, I’d love to try some more of their candles!


I was recently in the body shop and picked up a few great items. The body shop has recently been bought by a Brazilian company Natura. Natura themselves is a cruelty free brand meaning the body shop will no longer be under a parent company that tests on animals. I know a lot of people have issues with parent companies so this will be great news to many! Whilst I was in the Body Shop I got a new body wash and body butter. They are both in the same scent Indian night Jasmine, both smell absolutely incredible and I’m obsessed. Jasmine is overall probably my favourite scent it’s a sweet and musky smell. I look forward to smelling these after they are on my skin. The smell lasts all day and is great for both day and night.


I’ve mentioned before how Instagram is the best source for finding great cruelty free companies, a few months ago when I was doing my nightly scroll through Instagram I came across Eden Perfumes. Eden perfumes are a brand based in Brighton, all their perfumes are cruelty free and vegan and if that doesn’t sound amazing already all their perfumes are at the small cost of £18 that’s inclucding post and packaging for 30ml! They make most of their perfumes to smell similar to big brand perfumes like Channel and Dior etc. On their website if you type in for example Channel No5 it will come up with their alternative! I think Eden perfumes has been the best thing I have discovered all year I have been raving about them to all my friends and family.  I first bought their alternative of black opium and got so many complaints with so many people not knowing the difference between the two! For summer, I decided to try something different so I bought their version of Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. Light blue isn’t something id typically go for as it’s a light citrus scent and I prefer more heavy and floral. However, I am so glad I went for this it smells amazing and absolutely perfect for summer. It doesn’t smell chemically at all just super fresh and summery! Layered on top of the jasmine body wash and butter this makes the ultimate summer Scent!