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Sun Protection |Cruelty-free|Mineral

I have naturally dark hair and sallow skin you would think I would tan just by looking at the sun but that’s not quite the case. I’ve never really had a natural tan, I’ve caught the sun a little on my shoulders, hips and tops of my feet before but that’s honestly been the extent of my natural tan. This year I wanted to change that, this year I was going to get a full deep body tan. I was determined. I was going on holiday in May and I had visions of my fake tan free, golden skin in the sun. Before my holiday I started using sun beds, it did give me a little colour before going on holiday but I defiantly think it over exposed my skin to uv rays. On the first day of my holiday my determination to carry on getting that glow was strong.  I lay out with no sun protection in the mid-day heat for hours. I came home with a red face and thought nothing of it. Until over the course of my holiday my face, particularly my forehead began to swell, on the last day it was so bad one of my eyes had swelled shut.  This was my first experience of proper sun burn and has defiantly made me wise up on the damaging effects of the sun and UV rays.


In a little over a weeks’ time I’m jetting off again to sunnier, hotter weather and I have become very conscious of protecting my skin. The first step I am taking in my sun protection mission is simple, I have bought a hat. My hair as I said before is naturally really dark and acts as its own sun trap. On holiday, my head is always roasting so I don’t know why I’ve never thought about getting a hat before. I got a nice simple straw fedora style hat, the material will be nice and light and the brim of the hat will hopefully keep my face sheltered from the sun.


The second step I’ve taken to keep my skin protected is sun screen. I’ve always had mixed feelings about sun screen. Years ago, somebody said to me that sunscreen is bad for you and that has always stuck in my head so I decided to have a look into sunscreen.  There are two different types of sunscreen Chemical sunscreen and mineral sunscreen. Let’s first talk about the chemical option. Chemical sunscreen works by the chemicals being absorbed into your skin. They include a lot of chemical ingredients such as avobenzone, oxybenzone and octocrylene. For me I feel a bit odd about that all being absorbed into my skin and have read a few articles about the dangers of these chemicals in the skin being linked to risks of cancers etc.


The second option is mineral sunscreen, this works by acting as a mirror and reflects the sun rays of your skin. The main ingredients in this are usually Zinc oxcide and titanium dioxide. Generally, because these ingredients are more natural they are going to be gentler on the skin better for sensitive skin etc and the way they work appeals to me more by acting as a reflection rather than being absorbed by the skin.

After the research, I’ve done and the number of different articles I’ve read I decided to go for a mineral sunscreen. Of course, it had to be cruelty free so instead of searching through the high st I decided to go online to buy. I have been scrolling through naturisimo for around a year now it has lots of brands from all things beauty to clothes and nutrion. All cruelty free and many natural and vegan options too. I came across Jason mineral sunscreen spf 30. I bought Jason sunscreen last year the chemical option as I wasn’t aware of the differences. This has no smell and doesn’t have a sticky feel to it! Hopefully I can get some sort of colour on holiday but still stay protected! defiantly won’t be lying out for hours again. Lesson has been learned!

Summer Scents

I love when you smell something and it instantly takes you back to a memory. Like when you step out of an airport and there is that familiar smell of being on holiday. The way things smell has always been important to me, I always like to have my perfume smelling of the season we are in as well as my body wash and candles. I love wearing light florally fragrances in the spring and when it gets colder wearing something more musky and rich. One of my favourite things at Christmas is getting Christmas yankee candles! This summer I have some body products, perfume and candles that I have loved and have really got me in the summer spirit.


I bought a candle from Harpers Candles after seeing them in a recent Vegan kind lifestyle box. I decided to go for the scent “A slice of Paradise” which is a mix of coconut and mango. The smell is subtle, not too over powering it has a really warm coconut smell and reminds me of sunscreen. I really like how the candle had two wicks, it helped it to burn better, I’d love to try some more of their candles!


I was recently in the body shop and picked up a few great items. The body shop has recently been bought by a Brazilian company Natura. Natura themselves is a cruelty free brand meaning the body shop will no longer be under a parent company that tests on animals. I know a lot of people have issues with parent companies so this will be great news to many! Whilst I was in the Body Shop I got a new body wash and body butter. They are both in the same scent Indian night Jasmine, both smell absolutely incredible and I’m obsessed. Jasmine is overall probably my favourite scent it’s a sweet and musky smell. I look forward to smelling these after they are on my skin. The smell lasts all day and is great for both day and night.


I’ve mentioned before how Instagram is the best source for finding great cruelty free companies, a few months ago when I was doing my nightly scroll through Instagram I came across Eden Perfumes. Eden perfumes are a brand based in Brighton, all their perfumes are cruelty free and vegan and if that doesn’t sound amazing already all their perfumes are at the small cost of £18 that’s inclucding post and packaging for 30ml! They make most of their perfumes to smell similar to big brand perfumes like Channel and Dior etc. On their website if you type in for example Channel No5 it will come up with their alternative! I think Eden perfumes has been the best thing I have discovered all year I have been raving about them to all my friends and family.  I first bought their alternative of black opium and got so many complaints with so many people not knowing the difference between the two! For summer, I decided to try something different so I bought their version of Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. Light blue isn’t something id typically go for as it’s a light citrus scent and I prefer more heavy and floral. However, I am so glad I went for this it smells amazing and absolutely perfect for summer. It doesn’t smell chemically at all just super fresh and summery! Layered on top of the jasmine body wash and butter this makes the ultimate summer Scent!